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Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

Lets talk about the cleaning process: We will leaf blow the roof and gutters clean, then we use a 12-Volt, electric pump to apply a soft wash to the roof with our custom roof cleaning mixture. To prevent potential damage to foliage from our mixtures, we bag the bottoms of downspouts; tarp plants under the edge of the roof; and water the delicate plants before, during, and after the cleaning. We also have a plant safe, neutralizing agent that we can apply to delicate plants as well. Our soft wash roof cleaning process is completed using a 12-volt pump and a very controlled spraying process with little overspray.


Protect your roof from pressure damage!

Pressure washing a roof strips the granules from the shingles, which significantly shortens the lifespan of the roof. On top of costly damage, pressure washing your roof can even void your roof warranty. 

The photo to the left shows the roof's granules that have come off and accumulated in the gutter due to pressure washing​.

Benefits of a Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

Boost your home's curb appeal!

Gainesville, Florida soft wash roof cleaning is a safe and effective way to remove the mold and algae growing on shingles, metal, and clay roofs! Excessive mold and debris buildup will lead to premature roof replacement.

Roof stains can increase utility bills! The darkening effect caused by roof stains traps excessive heat under the roof. This heat weakens shingles and increases air conditioning costs.

We protect your plants!

At Wilson Exterior Cleaning, we take care of your plants. To prevent any damage from the roof shampoo. If you have foliage within the overspray region, we will rinse before, during, and after, and/or tarp where necessary. Neutralizing spray can be used on plants prior to roof cleaning as well.

Rest assured we will not leave any of your landscaping damaged!


Scroll through some of our  before & after's below!

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